About Us

Welcome to Cycle Enso, Your Mobile Bike Repair Solution.  

I’m Chris, a technology professional, Bicycle Mechanic, Robotics Coach, and More. I’ve been taking things apart, fixing them and putting them back together for 30 years. Among more colorful things, I’ve been called a “Jack of all trades” and a “Renaissance Man” what I can tell you for sure is, I’m certainly a “master of none”. But I’m really good at a few things… some of them are fixing bikes, computers and other things.

This site is a spin off of www.OfficeEscapee.com a site for documenting my journey from stressed out IT professional to a more laid back Bike Mechanic and freelance Technology Consultant.

This is Cycle Ensō, the Mobile Bike Shop that, is visiting campsites providing a value added service for the local campsites in our State. Don’t worry shop owners, if there is a bike shop close to a campground, they won’t be contacted. We respect the value of Local Bike Shops and the services, experience, and community support that they provide.

Coming Soon!  Electric Bicycle Conversions! 

What we do, We will come to Your campground on regularly scheduled dates, and provide repairs, tune ups, change flats, repair your rental fleet, Fix your exercise equipment, provide event support etc. We’ll even help you with your computers or website if needed. but there’s another site for that…

See our Services page for rates or contact us for scheduling a series of visits!

I’ve chosen to create a logo for my sites based on how cycling makes me feel.

I give you the Ensō Bike Wheel.

The Enso Wheel

Ensō – “Symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create. It symbolizes enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void, an expression of the moment”.   So when you find that perfect cadence on a long ride that feels like you could keep going for days when the universe seems all in line and you don’t even feel your legs moving, or when you’re grooving through a single-track or a long downhill and everything is a blur, and you’re responding to things you can’t even see.  That moment when you are completely aware and unaware of everything. This is Ensō, Zen, The Zone, whatever you call it, You’re in that state where the rest of the world, your worries, all that stuff disappears and you are the truest You, that you can be.   

I’ve traded my cubical and keyboard for a helmet and a spoke wrench and I feel 100% better.

Let the ride begin!